Reclaimed Brick-Tiles

Welcome to Reclaimed Brick-Tile™, the only company that specialises in the manufacturing and supplying of beautifully aged tiles made from original reclaimed bricks.

The Reclaimed Brick-Tile™ is the only way of achieving the genuine look and feel of an original exposed brick wall. Our bricks have matured and acquired character over the years. No two bricks are ever the same which gives a feeling of individuality and warmth to your project. There are factory made alternatives but they are brand new and simply cannot replicate that time worn patina and original character that our bricks have.

As a result of supplying a blue chip high street retailer for over six years The Reclaimed Brick-Tile™ has become established to the point where it is now sought after as a retail and domestic DIY product.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, to achieve this we work in direct partnership with demolition contractors. We select bricks in person from buildings before any demolition starts. Our team then selects which bricks are suitable for processing into a Reclaimed Brick-Tile™. The cleaning and processing is done by hand in small batches at our Manchester depot to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Reclaimed Brick-Tiles™ are also a green and sustainable choice. The use of reclaimed resources consumes less energy and minimises resource depletion resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint.

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