Made in the UK

Brick slips made from original reclaimed and handmade bricks

Create an exposed brick look
Suitable for commercial and domestic projects
Easy to Install

Achieve the genuine look & feel of an original exposed brick wall

Here at Reclaimed Brick-Tile we specialise in the manufacture & supply of beautifully aged brick slips made from original reclaimed bricks. These can be used to create a stunning brick effect feature wall that looks just like the real thing.

Because our reclaimed brick slips (or brick tiles as they are sometimes referred to) have genuinely matured & acquired natural character over the years our brick slips are the best way of achieving the authentic look and feel of an original exposed brick wall.

Unlike other products that are factory made, brand new, and unable to replicate the natural effects of time, no two of our brick slips are ever the same. This individuality ensures your project is truly unique and totally authentic with genuine warmth and character.

Choose from our range of brick slips

We currently offer 15 different styles of brick slips plus additional corner pieces & accessories for installation and finishing.

Authentic Finish
Authentic Finish
Our brick slips have an aged character and warmth that can only be achieved from real bricks. This is only achievable with original reclaimed bricks.
Easy to Install
Easy to Install
Whether a professional or an ocassional DIYer you'll be able to install brick slips and get great results or check out one of our approved installers.
Use Anywhere
Use Anywhere
Ideal for use in Domestic or Commercial environments, our brick slips are perfect for all projects big and small such as homes, offices, shops & restaurants.
Fully Sustainable Product
Fully Sustainable Product
Using reclaimed bricks means we consume less energy. Making us the greener more sustainable choice.
What are brick slips?
Brick slips are 20mm thick tiles cut from original bricks. They can be fitted to most walls to create an exposed brick effect that looks just like the real thing.
Are brick slips right for me?
Our brick slips are suitable for a wide range of projects and styles. Whether it's modern or traditional, industrial or farmhouse. Brick slips fit in well with a lot of different looks. We have brick slips to suit all styles.
How old are your bricks?
Some of our brick slip range are cut from bricks dating back to the 1800s and taken from victorian era industrial revolution buildings such as factories, mills and terraced houses. This is where the unique aged look comes from. Years of weathering has given them a charcter of their own.
Where can they be fitted in my home?
Brick slips are a popular choice for feature walls, fireplaces, kitchens and extensions. Take a look at our case studies for some inspiration.
Are they made from real bricks?
All of our brick slips are cut here at our Manchester factory from original reclaimed and handmade bricks. We don't use moulded replicas, only original bricks. This makes them the most authentic brick slips on available.
Why Reclaimed Brick-Tile?
We're confident our brick slips are the most authentic and best brick slips available in the UK market. Our brick slips can be used to create the most original looking exposed brick walls. So good you won't be able to tell it's not original brick. Why not order one of our sample packs today to see for yourself.

For a more in depth dive into all things brick slips. Check out our handy knowledgebase crammed full with all your brick slip answers...

Create an exposed brick feature wall, the easy way
Made from original reclaimed and handmade bricks
Expertly cut here in our Manchester factory
Suitable for both commercial and domestic projects
Easy to install as a DIY project
Nationwide approved installers who can do it for you
Worldwide shipping
Rated 4.9 of 5

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We have been established since 2010 and our brick slips have been used by over 10,000 happy customers over the years. Here are a selection of the great companies we have worked with.

Are you ready to add the warmth and character of reclaimed brick slips to your next design project?

Our reclaimed brick slips look like original bricks because they are cut from original bricks. So good you can't tell they weren't always there.


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