100% Sustainable Brick Slips

100% Sustainable Brick Slips

Our reclaimed bricks have already had a past life of their own before they arrive here with us at our factory, ready to be made into brick slips.

Saved from the inevitable crusher and ending up as landfill, our bricks are salvaged and cleaned by hand from numerous demolition projects around the country. Taken from old houses, factories and mills, these bricks are destined for better things.

exposed brick

We pride ourselves on having a 100% sustainable product.

Our bricks are cut using industry standard saws fitted with diamond tipped blades and this is aided by our state of the art closed-loop water filtration system. As a water supply is needed for the cutting process, our filtration system allows us to filter out all the dirty brick waste and recirculate the same cleaned water supply back to the saws, meaning there is minimal water being wasted.

rustic brick slips

After the bricks have been cut into slips, we are left with a pure clay waste product that is unusable. We have partnered with one or the UK’s top rooftop landscaping companies who take this waste product and reuse it as a substrate in their roof top garden projects.

After air drying, our brick slips are then packaged in our 100% recycled cardboard packaging ready for dispatching to their new homes.

reclaimed brick wall

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