[Posted by James Morgan in Projects ]

Whitewashing Brick Tiles

[ 19.04.2017 ]
We look at how whitewashing brick tiles can give your project a muted look whilst keeping the textured details of reclaimed bricks.

Perfectly imperfect!

[ 18.04.2017 ]
A look at why using reclaimed brick tiles adds a character and charm that can't be achieved with new bricks and a few tips and tricks that can be done to expand this uniqueness even further.

Perfect Bank Holiday weekend DIY project

[ 12.04.2017 ]
Woohoo, the easter bank holiday is just around the corner. Four days holiday for us here in the UK and the perfect opportunity to finally get those DIY projects completed (or at least started....) Our reclaimed brick-tiles are not just for the professionals. They can easily be installed by anyone handy at a bit of DIY and make a perfect weekend project that will truly transform an area of your ho