Brick slips for bathrooms

Brick slips for bathrooms

The bathroom is often seen as the relaxation centre of the home. Nothing beats a nice bubble bath with candles and some soothing music. More and more homeowners are investing in this key area of the home and it is one room that you can really put your own stamp on it and make something special. The bathroom specialists Better Bathrooms made great use of our Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips for one of their showroom displays back in 2013.

Here we take a look at some inspirational bathrooms that have made the most of an exposed brick look to add to the warmth and character of the room. We think that the warm tones of the brick tiles make a great contrast to the clinical white lines often found in bathroom furniture.

One question that we are asked on a regular basis is. Are our brick slips suitable for use in bathroom around water areas? –

Our brick slips are okay to be used in a bathroom as look as they aren’t in direct contact with water on a regular basis. As much as we think a brick shower cubicle would look amazing, we really wouldn’t recommend it due to the porous nature of the bricks. There are aftermarket products on the market (such as Stormdry Masonry Protection) which can help with waterproofing bricks but we think it would be best to stick to regular wall tiles in your wet areas.

We would recommend using our Matt Finish Sealer on the brick tiles in a bathroom. This sealer adds a layer of protection from smaller amount of water splashes and does not affect the colour of the slips.

Maybe you would like to see what our brick tiles would look like in your bathroom. Why not order a sample to see and feel the real thing.

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