Can brick slips be used in a fireplace?

[Posted by James Morgan in Projects ]

Are brick slips suitable for use with a log burner Or in a fireplace?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from potential customers is whether our brick slips can be used in a fireplace alongside a wood burning stove.

The quick answer is Yes, definitely.

Brick slips are a perfect way of achieving the look of an original brick fireplace especially with our reclaimed selection such as the Reclaimed Barnstock and Reclaimed Tudor brick slips.

We find that our customers tend to want an authentic looking fireplace that replicates what would have been there originally. When exposing an original fireplace, a lot of the time the brickwork isn’t very good and is quite rough looking. This is due to the fact that back when the house was built, nobody expected the bricks to be exposed so the bricklayers would use the best bricks for the external face of the house and the lesser quality bricks were then used internally where they would be hidden away behind plaster.

Are brick slips heat resistant?

When our bricks were originally made they would have been fired in a kiln at heats over 1000 degrees C, so they are more than capable of handling the heat from a domestic log burner, wood burning stove, gas or electric fire.

What about the adhesive and mortar?

Our brick slip adhesive and pointing mortar have both been specially selected due to them being heat rated and suitable for use around heat sources.

Looking for some inspiration for your own project, then check out these fireplace examples that have been kindly sent in to us from some of our customers using our brick slips.

For more ideas of what can be done using our brick slips, check out our Instagram page.