Bistro Pierre

Brick Slips
Shire Blend
Swansea, UK

Adding to our ever expanding list of commercial projects, we are pleased to showcase the new Bistrot Pierre restaurant in Mumbles, Swansea. Overlooking Swansea Bay, the bistrot can seat up to 160 diners and boast a stunning outdoor terrace with spectacular sea views.

For this project our Shire Blend brick slips were specified to give the restaurant some added character. A large quantity of our corner brick slips were specified to help clad pillars and archways in the restaurant.

The varied colours and textures of the Shire Blend help to achieve a reclaimed feel that flows throughout the design of the whole restaurant.

Bistrot Pierre was founded in 1994 by Robert Beacham and his childhood friend John Whitehead. They first operated two successful Pierre Victoire franchises in Nottingham and Derby and when the Pierre Victoire franchise model folded a few years later, rebranded the restaurants as Bistrot Pierre. Determined to grow the group, they expanded the business organically, initially in the Midlands and the North and then in the South West. In 2015, Bistrot Pierre received a significant investment made by Livingbridge Private Equity which means they now have substantial funding to accelerate their growth. As the company continues to grown we look forward to supplying our brick slips for further projects in the future.