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Reclaimed BarnstockUK

Category: Domestic

The quality of our brick slips speaks for themselves when customers keep coming back for more.

Parr Construction are a building and maintenance contractor based in Stockport who have used our brick slips on various projects over the past year, to acheive an exposed brick look.

On their latest project they have used our Reclaimed Barnstock brick tiles as part of a full house renovation. What may have just been plain plastered walls is now a stunning feature which runs through the whole property giving the property a burst of character.

The Reclaimed Barnstock offers a mixed variety of colours from light pinky tones to dark browns. It also features a barmarked effect that is common in a reclaimed wirecut brick and gives it that industrial feel.

If the Reclaimed Barnstock is something that you would like to use for one of your projects whether big or small, why not order a few sample tiles to see just how good the quality of our brick slips are.