External Brick Slip Cladding

Full House Cladding
Brick Slips
Reclamation Handmade
Cheshire, UK

Our brick slips are a popular choice for creating feature walls internally, but did you know they are also perfect for being used as an external brick slip cladding product.

We recently supplied our Reclamation Handmade brick slips for a full house external recladding.

The homeowners were not big fans of the existing brick work and wanted to refresh the kerb appeal of the property. The Reclamation Handmade brick slips were chosen as they offered a modern alternative to the exsting brickwork with a traditional brick finish similar to original reclaimed cheshire handmade bricks.

At 20mm thick our brick slips are ideal to be used as an external wall finish. They can be installed directly to the existing brickwork or can be fitted with a brick slip cladding system for an easier installation. 

If you have a property that you would like to refresh the external look of, our brick slips are a really cost effective way of achieving this and add some kerb appeal.

To find out more contact our team who can advise on the best brick slips within our range to achieve the perfect look for you.