Fatto Italian Restaurant

Brick Slips

Our brick slips have been a firm favourite with architects and interior designers in the Middle East for quite a number of years now. Thanks to our strong partnerships in the region, our brick slips have been used as part of many projects ranging from private domestic renovations to high end hospitality fit out projects.

For our latest case study, our Urban brick slips were used as at the Fatto, Italian Restaurant in Bahrain. The project made use of the brick slips both internally and externally for feature walls and cladding. 

The Urban brick slips are a great choice when you are looking to create an industrial feel. This project used elements of concrete, reclaimed timbers and exposed metal work to help establish an industrial theme. If you are looking to create a similar industrial look for your project, why not check out our in depth Industrial Styling Guide for ideas, tips and advice.

The designers of this project really wanted to focus on the detail and decided to go with an American Bond to add something different to the brick work. An American Bond makes use of a course of brick headers on every sixth row. This helps to break up very large areas of brick and really adds something extra to the project.

The brick slips were paired with a light mortar colour which helps to showcase the detail in the brick bond. This also makes the bricks pop from the surface and on large scale areas gives the distinction of individual real bricks rather than one solid colour mass. 

We’re also huge fans of using the brick slips as the backdrop to painted graphics which has been done here. This technique was made popular by the ghost writing advertising of the early 1900’s. It acts as a great alternative to having physical signage added to a building, which can take away the impact of the brick work. This painted signage will also age alongside the brickwork, giving it a weathered effect and develop character of it’s own over the years.

The Urban brick slips are a long standing favourite within our brick slip range with their darker weathered tones and rough surface texture working well under different lighting conditions to create a look that can change from middday business lunches to intimate evening meals. 

If you would like to use the Urban brick slips for your next project, why not get in touch with our team who can help create your perfect look.