Kitchen Extension Feature Wall

Our customers, Gemma and Brian were looking to install a brick slip feature wall in their recently completed kitchen extension project. 

The brick slips were to run the full length of the extension and include a pillar where the new building and existing house joined together. The pillar was clad with our L shaped corner brick slips, giving the impression of a real structural brick pillar.

Our Traditional London Yellow brick slips were the brick slips of choice and add plenty of authentic charm with their mixture of  traditional yellows and a touch of white and black colour tones added in.

The Traditional London Yellow brick slips are a popular choice for both domestic and commercial projects where a red clay brick isn’t desired or may make a space seem darker than you would like. The lighter tones of the weathered yellow brick slips work well with natural light, something this project has plenty of thanks to the large bifold doors and velux roof lights that have been fitted.

If you think our Traditional London Yellow would be a good fit for your project, why not grab a sample or two to see the real thing for yourself.