Laundry Room

Laundry Room
Brick Slips
Reclaimed Barnstock
Cardiff, UK

Our customers love our brick slips so much that it is quite common for us to receive repeat orders.

Some times this is when they move to a new home or when they come round to renovating new areas of the house.

This is exactly what one of our customers has done here. We supplied our Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips earlier in the year as part of the kitchen renovations. Check out the previous case study. When they came round to doing the adjoining laundry room, they wanted the bricks to be the same and contine the look that was created beforehand.

We selected a batch of our Reclaimed Barnstock bricks that were consistent with what had been supplied before to ensure that they looked as close a match as possible. This is one of the benefits of cutting and packaging all our brick slips here at our UK based factory. We are able to blend the bricks to the customers liking, whether they want a light or dark blend or are trying to match the some existing brickwork.