Clothing Store
Brick Slips
Reclaimed White Glazed
Manchester, UK

Patagonia, the outdoor and adventure clothing company recently opened their first UK store on Manchester’s King Street. The design brief for the new store was to preserve the integrity of the historic building while creating a mix of retail space and a destination for community events focused on outdoor sports and supporting the work of local environmental groups and charities.

For this project, the designers specified our Reclaimed White Glazed brick slips. Now becoming extremely hard to come by these tiles are cut from original reclaimed white glazed bricks mostly found in old hospitals, police stations and other public buildings. The tiles for this project actually came from the old Burscough police station where they were used in the holding cells. The building is currently undergoing renovation where it is being turned into a one of a kind family home.

The designers have done a great job in using our Reclaimed White Glazed brick slips to cover the large wall that extends from the ground floor down into the stores basement. On top of the tiles, they have commissioned an artist to recreate a map of the North of England detailing the various hiking and climbing areas in the region.

Due to the glazed faces of these bricks they are extremely hard to find in a stellar condition. With our tiles we ensure that they all come from the same colour batch and are in a good reclaimed condition.