Pizza Express

Brick Slips
London Yellow
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Working with our partners NGS Architects in Dubai, we supplied our London Yellow brick slips for a new Pizza Express restaurant located over in Dubai.

The London Yellow brick slips were chosen to tie in with the companies design ethos that has been used within their restaurants around the world.

This is another great project that expands our portfolio of completed works over in the Middle East. 

Our brick slips prove to be extremely popular in the region as they offer a weathered reclaimed charm that is often not seen in the new cities of the Middle East. As brands from around the world are expanding their businesses into the region, they like to keep the brand image consistent with their other international locations.

By using a London Yellow brick slip, Pizza Express were able to keep the look of this new project in line with the rest of the brand’s restaurants in the UK and further afield. 

The London Yellow brick slips are a popular option with many of our customers as they are a close match to the original reclaimed London Yellow bricks that are now becoming extremely hard and costly to get hold of.

If you feel these bricks would be a good choice for your project, whether it is a commercial or domestic project, let our team know and they will be more than willing to offer some advice.