Reclaimed White GlazedRestaurant Chain, UK

Category: Commercial

Over the past year we have worked alongside the design firm, Du Boulay contracts in supplying our Reclaimed White Glazed Brick-Tiles for a number of new Polpo restaurants.

Polpo is an award winning chain of italian restaurants with eleven locations around the UK including Soho, Covent Garden, Chelsea and Notting Hill in London.

Our Reclaimed White-Glazed Brick-Tiles were used along with industrial lighting and materials to provide an industrial worn-in look. We also provided a brown glazed brick-tile that was used to create feature borders that breaks up the solid white of our Reclaimed White Glazed.

The Reclaimed White Glazed Brick-Tiles are becoming extremely popular for restaurant and bar projects.

If you are after a similar look for your project, the Reclaimed White Glazed Brick-Tiles are available from our online store