River Island

Clothing Stores
Brick Slips
Reclaimed Barnstock
Nationwide, UK

Over the past 6 years we have been working closely with the global clothing company River Island, supplying our Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips for all their stores across the UK and a number of stores around the rest of the world.

Using our Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips they have been able to created an identity that is consistent throughout all of their stores with each store going for an industrial feel by pairing our brick slips with exposed steelwork and vintage industrial lighting.

Our brick slips are extremely popular in retail and hospitality interiors as they can be used to quickly transform a large empty space and bring some warm and character.

The Reclaimed Barnstock is our most popular brick slip as it is made from an original Reclaimed Wirecut brick and shows all the chips, cracks and colour variations that come from years of weathering.

If youl think the Reclaimed Barnstock would be a good choice for your project, why not order a sample pack to see for yourself.