Head Office
Brick Slips
Pre War Common
London, UK

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service that was founded back in 2006. It has over 150 million active users and over 60 million paid subscribers. The company’s UK head office is located in the spectacular Adelphi Building, just off the Strand in the very heart of London.

In 2017, Spotify decided to renovate their London head office. The office, with its new work spaces, production studios, and listening rooms specifically dedicated for artists, podcasters and creators, also houses their R&D team in the UK, marking their first major tech center outside of the US and Sweden. This expansion is a great example of Spotify’s ongoing growth and investment in content and talent

Our Pre War Common brick slips were used in order to match the building’s original architecture and brickwork.

The project designers contacted us at Reclamied Brick-Tile in search of a suitable brick match and we were able to provide them with the brick slips they needed. The project was a huge success and the new head office looks amazing!

If you are looking for similar brick slips for your project, our pre war common brick slips are a very popular choice as they offer a similar look to original reclaimed wirecut bricks but are a newer brick that are more uniform and easier to work with than an original reclaimed brick.