The Railway Inn

Brick Slips
Reclaimed Barnstock
Isle of Man, UK

The Railway Inn is a classic British pub that was in need of bringing into the 21st Century.

Established in 1874, The Railway Inn has been a long-standing drinking establishment located in Douglas, on the Isle of Man.

For this pub renovation our Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips were used alongside other reclaimed materials such as galvanised steel, concrete blocks, vintage wooden furniture and lighting to create an industrial look that is very current and on trend.

As part of this refurbishment we were asked if we could also cut concrete breeze blocks into 20mm thick slips for a feature wall behind the bar area. This wasn’t a problem for our team of expert cutters and the finished results were excellent.

Our brick slips are a firm favourite for renovation projects in the hospitality industry, being used in pubs, bars and restaurants when an industrial theme is desired.

The Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips are the perfect brick slip choice for an industrial vibe, as they are made from orignial reclaimed wirecut bricks taken from the demolition of old factories and mills around the North West of England. 

Reclaimed bricks offer a touch of unique character that cannot be replicated with a new brick slip. This character is acheived from years of natural weathering, with each brick having its own distinct colour tones, cracks and chips making them truly unique.

If you would like to achieve a similar look for a project of your own, why not check out our brick slip samples to see the quality for yourself. We recommend that all potential customers sample our brick slips before purchase as this is the best way to get a true representation of how good an original reclaimed brick slip looks.