The Yoga Bar

Yoga Studio
Brick Slips
Reclaimed Barnstock
Twickenham, UK

The Yoga Bar is a boutique wellness studio based in Twickenham, offering in-person and streamed yoga, pilates and barre classes.

For this project, the designers sought to maintain an atmosphere of light and positive energy in the studio space. This was achieved by using a lighter blend of our Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips. As we cut and package the brick slips in house here at our Manchester factory, we were able to select a lighter blend that was more suited for the project. 

They also decided to install the brick slips without the traditional mortar joints. This gives the bricks an extra sense of depth.

If you’d like to achieve a similar look for your project, get in touch with our team who can help out with a custom blend of our brick slips.