Tips & Advice

Installation Guide

[ 02.09.2020 ]
We are currently experiencing problems with our How to Install page. We have therefore put our installation guide here whilst we resolve the issue.

Can brick slips be used outdoors?

[ 09.07.2020 ]
Brick slips are a great solution for creating a brick effect wall in your home or on an interior design project. But did you know that they can just as easily be used for outdoor design projects.

Create An Industrial Bedroom In Four Steps

[ 13.12.2018 ]
With industrial decor for bedrooms now available in most high street stores, it’s a look that’s proven to have lasting appeal. Check out these tips for creating your own industrial style bedroom design in four steps.

Give Your Lounge a Rustic Refresh

[ 29.11.2018 ]
There’s something cosy and comforting in letting original rustic features shine, such as sturdy wooden beams and gloriously crumbly brickwork. However, if you’re not ready to up and move to the sticks, transforming your living space on a budget can still be achieved with a few simple steps.

Five Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom

[ 11.10.2018 ]
If your boudoir is currently just a place to collapse into bed at the end of a hard day, or simply another spot to scroll endlessly through your phone, it’s time to have a rethink.

Installation Q&A

[ 24.10.2017 ]
We attempt to answer some of the most frequent customer questions we receive regarding the installation of our brick tiles.

Industrial Chic Interior Design

[ 10.10.2017 ]
Oozing warmth and masculinity, industrial chic interior design is on the up and we can't get enough of it. Previously only seen in converted open plan warehouse and New York style apartments, it is now becoming a style that can be achieved with great success in any interior design project.

Whitewashing Brick Tiles

[ 19.04.2017 ]
We look at how whitewashing brick tiles can give your project a muted look whilst keeping the textured details of reclaimed bricks.

Perfectly imperfect!

[ 18.04.2017 ]
A look at why using reclaimed brick tiles adds a character and charm that can't be achieved with new bricks and a few tips and tricks that can be done to expand this uniqueness even further.

Perfect Bank Holiday weekend DIY project

[ 12.04.2017 ]
Woohoo, the easter bank holiday is just around the corner. Four days holiday for us here in the UK and the perfect opportunity to finally get those DIY projects completed (or at least started....) Our reclaimed brick-tiles are not just for the professionals. They can easily be installed by anyone handy at a bit of DIY and make a perfect weekend project that will truly transform an area of your ho