Coverage Calculator

If you need help with working out how many brick slips and what installation products you need for your project, try our calculators below to find out what's needed for your project. Alternatively our team are more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the frequently asked measurement questions.

Should I add wastage?
We would recommend adding an extra 5% to your total for wastages and to minimise an shortfalls when you come to have your brick slips fitted. If you do have extra brick slips at the end we are more than happy for you to return them.
How do I work out pillars?
Pillars can be done using our corner brick slips. You will need 15 corner brick slips per linear metre and you will need to multiply this by the number of corners the pillar has. You may also need flat brick slips as well depending on the width of the pillar.
My measurements are quite complicated. Can you help?
No need to worry, our team are experts at working out what you will need. Simply send us some diagrams and measurements across and we will be able to work it out for you.
How do I tile around a window?
To tile around a window we would recommend using our corner brick slips up the vertical sides and our reveal corners along the top. You would need 15 corner slips per vertical linear metre and 5 reveal corners per linear metre for the horizontal top section.

Still need some help? Our team can help work it out for you.

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