Do brick slips need to be sealed?

Do brick slips need to be sealed?

That’s one of the top questions we get asked by our customers.

The answer really depends on where you are installing the brick slips. If it’s in a kitchen or bathroom then yes, we would recommend sealing them. Especially around areas that there is potential for them to get wet or greasy.

If it’s anywhere else in the home then it really is down to personal preference.

Our Interior Brick and Dust Sealer is an easy to apply matt finish sealer that helps protect the brickwork from oil and water staining. It also reduces the dust and brick particles which may come off the surface. Simply apply it to the surface after installation using a paint brush or roller. Once it’s soaked in, that’s it.

With it being a matt finish, it does not give any shine to the bricks and has minimal effect on the colours.

What about in the wet areas of a bathroom?
Our sealer is fine for some splash protection but when it comes to installing our brick tiles in areas that are going to have a high amount of direct water (such as a shower) we would recommend a more heavy duty waterproofing solution such as Extreme Climate – Next Generation Water Seal from Kingfisher.

If you’re still unsure of whether sealing is right for your project or not, just let our team know and they will be more than willing to offer some help and advice.

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