Featured on Channel 5’s  ‘Dream Kitchens & Bathrooms with Mark Millar’

Featured on Channel 5’s ‘Dream Kitchens & Bathrooms with Mark Millar’

This week our brick slips were featured on the Channel 5 home improvement programme “Dream Kitchens & Bathrooms with Mark Millar”.

In the programme, Mark helps transform homes across the UK, with a particular focus on kitchen and bathroom renovations.

In this week’s programme, the first in the second series, a couple wanted to exposed an original reclaimed brick wall to create a feature wall as part of their bathroom renovation. The original bricks were in a good condition and with some DIY repointing, the couple were able to restore it back to it’s former glory.

Mark discusses and showcases our brick slips as an easier, more practical solution to create a brick feature wall. Our Reclaimed Tudor brick slip samples were shown on the programme as they were a good match to the original brick work on this particular project.

Brick slips are a great option for creating an exposed brick feature wall in a bathroom project. They can add character, warmth and are a nice contrast to clinical porcelain bathroom tiles. 

When fitting brick slips in a bathroom, we would highly recommend sealing the brick slips after installation to protect from dust and water splashes. Our Interior Brick and Dust Sealer is perfect for this.

It can be brushed onto the brick surface using a regular paint brush or roller and once it has soaked in, it does not give the bricks any additional shine. 

If you are thinking of adding a brick feature wall for your bathroom project, why not check out our full range of reclaimed and handmade brick slips to see which brick slips are right for you. 

Season 2 of Dream Kitchens & Bathrooms with Mark Millar is currently airing on Channel 5 each Tuesday at 19:00.

Catch up episodes can also be watched online on Channel 5’s My 5 service. 

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