Exposed brick – the easy way

Exposed brick – the easy way

We get many customers who come to us after taking on the laborious task of chipping away the plaster in their homes and attempting to expose the original brickwork in their properties.

If you strike it lucky, you may find lovely original brickwork that has been hidden away for years. You would then need to clean up the bricks and repoint the mortar if it isn’t in perfect condition.

If you want to give it a go and see what lies beneath, check out Real Homes step by step guide to see how it’s done

In most cases the brickwork that lies beneath is not up to standard. With most old houses, the original builders would use the best quality bricks on the outside of the property and would then put the bad bricks on the inside as these were never meant to be seen.

Or if you live in a relatively new property, it may be that you don’t have solid brick underneath the plaster walls but instead have a hollow timber framework.

One of the cons of exposing the original brickwork is that you don’t have any choice of what it looks like. Our brick tiles offer an easy DIY solution that you wouldn’t even realize isn’t the original exposed brick that has always been there and are available in a range of colours from the reclaimed reds, browns and oranges of the Reclaimed Barnstock to the weathered yellows of our London Yellow brick slips.

If you’d like to give using our brick tiles a go, check out our step by step installation guide to see just how easy they are to install.

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