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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

How much do the brick-tiles cost
The pricing of all our brick-tiles can be found on their individual product page. Pricing is done in boxes of 10, 40 and per square metre.

How many brick-tiles do I need
We base our calculations on 60 brick-tiles equalling one square metre. This takes into account 10% waste that may come from bricks being cut and breakages
If you would like us to work out how many brick-tiles and fitting materials you would require we can put together a full quotation taking into account your measurements.

How many corners do I need
To cover one linear metre you would need 12 corner pieces

How much adhesive do I need
The coverage of our adhesive is approximately 5 sqm per 20kg bag

How much mortar do I need
The coverage of our Easipoint Mortar is approximately 5 sqm per 25kg bag

How much Primer do I need
The coverage of our Primer is approximately 10 sqm per 1 litre bottle

How much Sealer do I need
The coverage of our Sealer is approximately 10 sqm per 1 litre bottle

Are the bricks okay to be used in a fireplace
Our brick-tiles can be used in a fireplace and around a heat source. They are heat-resistant and both the adhesive and mortar that we supply are heat resistant.

Are the bricks okay to be used in a kitchen or bathroom
When using our brick-tiles in an area they are likely to get wet or greasy we would recommend applying a matt-finish sealer once fitted. This helps to stop water penetration and makes them easier to wipe clean.
We would not recommend using them in an area where they are going to have heavy water contact such as a shower enclosure

Are the bricks okay to be used externally
Our brick tiles can be used externally. Here are some examples of our brick-tiles being used externally {link to blog page}

Are the bricks okay to be used on the floor
We have not had any experience of doing this ourselves but have had several customers use our brick-tiles for this purpose.

Can the bricks be cut down
Yes, the brick tiles can be cut using a normal ceramic tile saw or circular saw.

What surface can they go on
The ideal surface for fitting the tiles to would be plasterboarded walls. If the walls have been previously painted or are of a rough texture we would recommend using a coat of primer before fitting.

How much do they weigh
Each brick-tile weighs approximately 500g and the corner tiles approximately 750g

How long is delivery
Deliveries can normally be made with 2-3 days of order if the item is in stock. In the case of an item not being in stock it may take up to 1 week for the order to be cut, dried and packaged