Ghost signs – The art of old brick wall advertising

Ghost signs – The art of old brick wall advertising

These tributes to products and services of yesteryear (known as ghost signs) can be spotted up and down the country painted on buildings in all their fading glory.
They give us a glimpse into the past of our towns and cities with the majority of them being hand painted during the 1920s and 1930s. Their use was dwindled in the mid 20th century with the arrival of billboard technology.

But in recent years we have seen an increased interest in the art form with designers incorporating the look into themes that pay homage to Great Britian’s industrial heritage.

One of our recent projects, over at Coca Cola’s UK headquarter used this old art style to create effect.

Click here for the case study

This look can be achieved using any of our brick-tiles especially our Penthouse Red which are the perfect tile for painting.

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