How to hang art on exposed brick walls

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An exposed brick wall is the perfect backdrop for framed art, although it is an easy DIY task we do sometimes get asked for the best solutions for fixing items to brick walls

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Option 1: Brick Clips

If you’re not wanting to break out the power tools, or simply don’t want to drill holes into your new brick tile walls, brick clips may be the solution. These small and inexpensive attachments clip onto the top of the brick edge and give you hooks to then hang your framed goodies from

They are available in most DIY stores and are usually sold in packs of two or alternatively they can be purchased from Amazon

Option 2: Command picture hanging strips

These adhesive strips offer a quick and easy solution for hanging pictures to walls with no hassle or mess. Simply stick them to the wall, stick the corresponding piece to your picture frame and press the two together.

We would only recommend the use of these on a smooth finish brick that has been cleaned from any dust.

They are available in varying sizes and have different weight limits, for move information check out Command’s website

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Option 3: Wall PLugs

If brick clips and command strips aren’t the answer, wall plugs are the most durable and permanent solution. It does involve drilling holes into your brick wall but it is the best option for hanging heavier pieces that need the extra strength.

Materials needed

  • chalk
  • drill
  • masonry bit
  • wall plugs
  • flush-mounting picture hooks or screws
  • screwdriver

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Step 1: Check for Placement

Spend some time deciding where you want your art to hang. Unlike regular plasterboard walls, wall plugs attached to brick walls are essentially permanent and much more difficult to move if a mistake is made. Use chalk to mark the selected spot on the wall (on the brick or mortar) to be sure of the placement before drilling.

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Step 2:  drill time

Attach a masonry bit to your drill and make a hole deep enough to go through the 20mm brick tile and the wall surface behind. By doing this you are ensuring that the picture isn’t just hanging from the tile alone. We would recommend picking a drill spot that isn’t too close to the edge of the brick tile to reduce cracking.

Step 3:  Secure Your Hook

Place the wall anchor into the hole and screw in the picture hook. Leave just enough of the screw to hang your artwork securely.

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Step 4:  Hang

You’re now ready to hang your piece of art