Industrial chic interior design

Industrial chic interior design

Oozing warmth and masculinity, industrial chic interior design is on the up and we can’t get enough of it. Previously only seen in converted open plan warehouse and New York style apartments, it is now becoming a style that can be achieved with great success in any interior design project.


Industrial chic is a style of design that makes a gentle nod to the industrial revolution by using raw reclaimed materials along with modern interior design cues to create a living space that feels both old and new at the same time.

By using reclaimed and salvaged materials such as (galvanized metal, reclaimed wood and brick), it give the project an element of ‘green’ design that feels lived in rather than straight out of the box.



There are a few common elements that tend to be found in urban industrial spaces. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Exposed bricks such as our Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips
  • Concrete floors or worksurfaces
  • Rough metals such as copper and galvanised steel
  • Retro metal and glass lighting
  • Exposed steel beams


The key to creating the industrial chic look is keeping it simply. Avoid adding too much furniture and accessories as this can quickly make the space feel dark and enclosed. The interest and depth in the project will come from the mixed textures and patina.

  • Start with a neutral colour palette (grey and whites are a popular choice), then add some reclaimed features such as our Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips or reclaimed wood panelling. The reclaimed features add a sense of age and authenticity to the project.
  • Be sure to implement some metal accents. This could come from vintage metal furniture and lighting, galvanized steels or the popular choice of the moment, Copper, which works very well with exposed bricks.
  • Industrial Chic can sometimes have a harsh cold look to it. This can be softened by adding warm textures and accessories Why not add some faux fur rugs and throws or a crystal chandelier.
  • Adding in some live green plants can also bring some character and contrast to the project.
  • If going the whole way isn’t for you, try adding some small touches. A reclaimed wood coffee table, or a statement lighting fixture can give a touch of industrial chic without going the whole hog.


Reclaimed Brick-Tile – Our brick tiles are the obvious choice to start with. All of our brick-tiles will work great as the backdrop to an industrial chic interior.

Peppermill Interiors – Stocking the UK’s finest selection of domestic, bar and restaurant furniture. Peppermill Interiors have a huge range of both new and vintage items that fit the industrial chic style perfectly ranging from vintage dining seating to unique pipework industrial lighting.

Etsy – A marketplace for creative individuals to sell their handcrafted products. Etsy is an Aladdin’s cave when it comes to unique one of a kind pieces. Most products on there are handmade by passionate individuals. Products range from framed prints to custom made pieces of furniture.

Industville – Offering a large range of lighting and accessories that work perfectly in an industrial chic theme.

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