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Exporting Worldwide

As a developing international company for exports, Reclaimed Brick-Tile guarantees quick and cost effective delivery around the world. Once the final product is quality tested and meets Reclaimed Brick-Tiles exacting standards it is carefully transported to their distribution centre and can be with you in as little as 11 days.

Estimated Examples

 Destination Cost Approximate Transit (from port to port)
 NEWYORK GBP 210.00 11 days
CHICAGO GBP 230.00 14 days
LOW ANGELES GBP 245.00 25 days
 SAN FRANSISCO GBP 245.00 25 days
MIAMI GBP 230.00 21 days
HOUSTON GBP 230.00 21 days
CHARLESTON GBP 220.00 15 days
SHANGHAI GBP 165.00 26 days
HONG KONG GBP 165.00 22 days
SYDNEY GBP 230.00 38 days

Note: All above rates are from our storage facility to arrival depot at the above noted ports for a crate of 1000 kgs (2204 lbs)/1m3 (35 cbft) and include all export formalities from the UK. The above noted rates do not include any local costs once landed at the named port of arrival.



We can provide competitive rates for All Risk Marine Insurance upon written request.

Packing information

Retail Box: 120 Boxes per pallet = 1200 Tiles per pallet
Commercial Box: 30 Boxes per pallet = 1200 Tiles per pallet

Should you require a more detailed written quotation for any number of crates – or if you just need a sample despatched by courier – please don’t hesitate to contact our nominated logistics provider who will be happy to fulfil your requirement.

For all u.a.e. orders

Our Dubai based agents Reclaimed Brick-Tile Middle East handle our shipping for all UAE orders.








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