Matching London’s Historic Yellow Bricks with our Two New Brick Slips”

Matching London’s Historic Yellow Bricks with our Two New Brick Slips”

Introducing Our New Yellow Brick Slips - Perfect for London!

London is a city with a rich history, and its buildings are an essential part of its heritage. Yellow bricks have been used in the city’s architecture for centuries, and they have become a symbol of London’s unique charm and character. However, the supply of reclaimed London yellow bricks has decreased in recent years, making them a rare and expensive commodity. This scarcity has led to an increased demand for yellow brick alternatives, and we’re excited to introduce three new brick slips into our range.

traditional london yellow brick slips

Expanding Our Range of Brick Slip Options for the London Market

Our Traditional London Yellow brick slips have been a customer favourite for years, thanks to their authentic look and high-quality craftsmanship. With the addition of our new yellow brick slips, we are expanding our range of brick slip options and giving our customers even more choice when it comes to creating their dream brick walls.

Whether you’re looking to add character to a feature wall, create a stylish fireplace surround, or add a rustic touch to a kitchen backsplash, our new yellow brick slips are the perfect choice. With their authentic look, high-quality craftsmanship, and affordable price point, they offer a fantastic alternative to London yellow bricks.

The Reclamation London Yellow and Windsor Weathered Yellow brick slips, have each been selected to match the look and feel of London’s historic architecture. These two new additions to our brick slip line up will sit alongside our Traditional London Yellow brick slips, offering more choice for customers wanting to achieve that original London Yellow Stock look and feel.

windsor weathered brick slips

The Benefits of Using Yellow Brick Slips

Our selection of yellow brick slips offer many benefits for homeowners, architects, and builders. They are cut from high-quality real handmade bricks, are easy to install, and require minimal maintenance. What’s more, they are an affordable and authentic alternative to reclaimed London yellow bricks, providing you with a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

original yellow bricks - street sign

The History of London Yellow Bricks

London yellow bricks have been used in the city’s architecture since the 17th century. They were first produced to meet the growing demand for building materials as the city expanded rapidly. Yellow bricks are made of clay with a high iron content, giving them their distinctive yellow hue. They are durable and weather-resistant, making them an ideal choice for building in London’s harsh climate. Over the years, they have become an essential part of the city’s architectural heritage, used to build some of its most iconic buildings.

traditional london yellow brick slips

The Decreasing Supply of Reclaimed London Yellow Bricks


Despite their popularity, the supply of reclaimed London yellow bricks has decreased in recent years. This is due to the demolition of many historic buildings and the limited availability of reclaimed bricks that match the look and feel of London’s historic architecture. The scarcity of these bricks has led to an increase in their price, making them an expensive option for those looking to maintain the character and charm of their space.


Matching the Look of Reclaimed London Yellow Bricks

At Reclaimed Brick-Tile, we understand the importance of preserving London’s architectural heritage. Our yellow brick slips have been carefully selected to match the existing reclaimed London yellow bricks as closely as possible, allowing you to maintain the character and charm of your space while ensuring it remains true to its heritage. Our Reclamation London Yellow and Windsor Weathered Yellow options are perfect for achieving an authentic, vintage look that complements London’s historic architecture.

Our New Yellow Brick Slip Options

The Reclamation London Yellow Brick Slips



Our Reclamation London Yellow has been something we’ve been working on for a long time. We wanted to find the perfect brick to match the original London Yellow Stock bricks that are common in the London area, and we think we’ve got it. This brick slips is made from a handmade yellow clay brick with some white and black coloured bricks mixing in to add the slight variation that also comes with original London Yellow Stocks. If you are after that ‘London Brick’ look, these are definitely the ones to consider.


The Windsor Weathered Yellow Brick Slips


For a more rustic, weathered look, our Windsor Weathered Yellow brick slips are the perfect choice. With a slightly darker weathered finish and authentic coal spotting, replicating the soot-engrained brickwork iconically seen on London buildings, they give off a charming, old-world feel that’s perfect for creating an authentic, vintage look. This brick slips is great when you don’t want something with such a vibrant yellow. The darker tones are more akin to the weathered industrial back streets of London, where the bricks have a more aged, weathered feel.


If you’re looking for yellow brick slips in London, our new range is the perfect solution. With their warm, golden hues and variety of finishes, they’ll add character and interest to any space. Plus, they are a cost-effective and authentic alternative to original reclaimed London yellow bricks.

If you have any questions about our range of yellow brick slips or would like to place an order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss your project needs.


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