New Product Range – Reclaimed Wood Cladding

[Posted by James Morgan in News ]

Our Reclaimed Wood Cladding is sourced from Pine and Oak boards that have weathered and aged over 150 years, giving them a warmth and character that cannot be replicated by new products.

Each board is professional treated to bring out this aged character and are cut down to a depth of 15mm to make them easy for wall cladding installation.

These boards are the perfect product to accompany our Reclaimed Brick-Tiles whether used in a domestic or commercial project.

Our Pine cladding is available in three different finishes. Burnished Pine, Mellow Pine Rustic and White Painted Pine.

Our Reclaimed Oak is available in its most natural state keeping the weathered character that has developed over its 150 years.

All of our Reclaimed Wood Cladding is available to order now with prices starting from £60 per square metre

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