Perfectly imperfect!

[Posted by James Morgan in Tips & Advice ]

One of the great things about using reclaimed bricks rather than new alternatives is that every brick is different. Chips, cracks and colour variation all add to the unique look each brick has and add to the overall character of the completed project.

There are a few different ways you can take this imperfect theme further….


Messy Mortar

You don’t always need a professional brick layer finish. By being a bit messy with the mortar you are able to take the uniqueness further and make the project look a lot more original. It was often the case that brickies were quick and messy when completing internal walls as these were never meant to be seen underneath layers of plaster and paint.

Overfill the mortar joints and let some of it stay on the faces of the bricks to really achieve a messy look.

Our case study at the New Balance Experience Centre is a great example of the messy mortar look. Here they wanted it look as original and exposed as possible.



Chipped away plaster

To really get that exposed brick look, why not add areas of plaster on top of the brickwork to give the illusion that the original plaster has been chipped away to expose the brickwork underneath.



A few coats of watered down paint can give the bricks a great toned down look. This can be done to different levels. A slight whitewashing will still allow the original colours to come through whereas by doing a few more coats you can achieve a deeper more universal coat.

Whitewashing can be done in small areas and different degrees of intensity rather than having the whole project be one colour.



Painted bricks

When reclaiming the bricks we often find that they may be painted on one side. These painted bricks can be mixed in with the others to add a splash of colour and variety to the feature. If this is something you may want to acheive, give one of our team a call and we can specify a blend of bricks that includes a percentage of these painted bricks.