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Pre War Common Brick Slips

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  • Our Pre War Common brick slips are made from a hydraulically pressed brick. This process helps to remove any shape imperfections. These bricks have deep reds, oranges and distinct dark “overburns” from the firing process.

    Colours range from Oranges, Deeper Reds and sections of lighter yellows, with light and dark variations from brick to brick.

    We also have two other variations of our pre war common.
    The Weathered Pre War Common Brick Slips, are a much darker brick which has a more urban industrial look to it.
    The Reclamation Pre War Common brick slips are a 50/50 blend between the regular and the darker pre-war common bricks.

    If you would like to order a sample click here and select from our full range of brick slips.

    These brick slips are available in both standard flat slips and corner slips.

    To cover 1 square metre you would need 60 brick slips and to cover 1 linear metre of corners you would need 12 corner brick slips


    • Length – 230mm
    • Height – 73mm
    • Depth – 20mm

    If you would like any help with working out your measurements, just let our team know via our Live Chat or drop us a message using our Contact Form.

    SIZE: 73mm(H) x 230mm(W) x 20mm(D)
    COLOUR: Orange with Lighter Barmarking
  • How Many Tiles do i need

    Measure the wall or floor space you intend to tile & follow the steps below to calculate how many tiles you’ll need for each surface.

    Wall/Floor Dimensions (Meters)

    Wall #1
    Wall #2
    Wall #3
    Wall #4


    Tiles Needed
    Boxes Needed
    30 - 1/2 Square Meter Boxes
    15 - Full Square Meter Boxes
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