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Weathered Pre War Common Brick Slips

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  • The Weathered Pre War Common brick slip is a darker version of our regular Pre War Common. The darker tint of the bricks gives it a more urban and industrial feel. They also have a slightly rougher surface which adds for a more aged and weathered look.

    Colours range from Oranges, Deeper Reds to Browns. There is also a hint of lighter yellows, Each brick has light and dark variations from brick to brick.

    If the Weathered Pre War Common is perhaps a bit too dark for you, why not check out our Reclamation Pre War Common brick slips. These are a 50/50 blend between the regular and the darker pre-war common bricks.

    If you would like to order a sample click here and select from our full range of brick slips.

    These brick slips are available in both standard flat slips and corner slips.

    To cover 1 square metre you would need 60 brick slips and to cover 1 linear metre of corners you would need 12 corner brick slips


    • Length – 230mm
    • Height – 73mm
    • Depth – 20mm

    If you would like any help with working out your measurements, just let our team know via our Live Chat or drop us a message using our Contact Form.

    SIZE: 73mm(H) x 230mm(W) x 20mm(D)
    COLOUR: Orange, Browns and Deep Reds
  • How Many Tiles do i need

    Measure the wall or floor space you intend to tile & follow the steps below to calculate how many tiles you’ll need for each surface.

    Wall/Floor Dimensions (Meters)

    Wall #1
    Wall #2
    Wall #3
    Wall #4


    Tiles Needed
    Boxes Needed
    30 - 1/2 Square Meter Boxes
    15 - Full Square Meter Boxes
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