Two New Brick Tiles – Available Now

[Posted by James Morgan in News ]

Adding more choice to our range of brick tiles, we are pleased to release the “Limewashed” and “Penthouse” brick tiles.

The Limewashed brick tile is based on an orange brick with light and darker tones, it is an authentick handmade brick tile finished with a unique ‘limewashed’ effect giving each tile it’s own unique finish.

The Penthouse brick tile is the return of an old favourite that has warm orange tones and now featuring a ‘sandblasted’ finish often seen in converted loft and warehouse style apartments. The 2018 Penthouse Brick Tile is sure to be a popular choice. The sandblasting effect was commonly used to remove old paint from bricks, which leaves the bricks with a smoother finish.

Both brick tiles are in stock and available now. Why not order a sample to check them out for yourself


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