We offer brick matching and cutting

We offer brick matching and cutting

We currently have over 15 different types of brick slips in our range and although we have some of the best looking brick slips out there, we understand that from time to time customers may need something more specific or would like something that we simply don’t stock in our range. No need to worry, we can help out.

It may be that you need to match the existing brickwork of your house. This could be due to planning restrictions or just to keep a continuous look throughout the property. If you can let us know what the brick name is, we can then try and source that exact brick for you. Or alternatively, you can order the bricks through your preferred builders merchant, have them delivered into us and we will cut, package and send them back to you as the finished brick slips.

If this sounds like a solution for your project, check out our brick cutting service or contact our team who will be more than willing to help out.

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