What makes our Brick Tiles the best on the market

[Posted by James Morgan in News ]

One of the questions we are often asked is why are our brick-tiles more expensive than a competitor’s products.

The answer is simple. They are a completely different product.

Our brick-tiles are cut from original reclaimed bricks that have been sourced from demolition projects around the UK or are cut from a specially selected range of new bricks that are made using the original handmade production methods how bricks were made many years ago.

Whereas a lot of our competitors products are pre-manufactured slips imported from abroad. These are normally created using a mould that has the clay poured into them to create the ‘brick-shaped’ slip.

Our brick-tiles are manually cut here in our UK based factory from the original bricks to ensure that every brick-tile is up to the standards we set on ourselves.

As each brick is individual and will have had different degrees of chips and weathering they will all have a unique look from one another. This is something that can’t be replicated from a pre-manufactured product and it shows in the finished project.

We believe that our brick-tiles are the best available on the market and it shows with the ever growing list of clients we have supplied all over the world, just check out some of the excellent projects that have been completed with our brick-tiles over on our Case Studies page.