When a reclaimed brick isn’t a reclaimed brick

When a reclaimed brick isn’t a reclaimed brick

Here at Reclaimed Brick-Tile, our most popular products are our Reclaimed Barnstock and Reclaimed Tudor brick slips. These two slips are made from original reclaimed bricks. Yes, that’s original bricks that have been taken from old demolished buildings, cleaned by hand and then cut into 20mm brick slips here in our Manchester factory.

So when we say they are reclaimed we really mean it, unlike some other companies who market a product as a reclaimed brick but are actually a replica. Most of the time these replicas are imported bricks that are made to look old.



Original reclaimed bricks have been taken from old building which can date back to the late 1800’s, these include old factories, mills, hospitals, farm buildings. Due to the decades of weathering that these bricks have gone through, they have developed shape and character that simply can’t be replicated with a new brick. This comes in the form of chips, cracks, colour variation. All these little imperfections add up to give each brick a unique look. Put it simply, no two bricks will be exactly the same.

There is also the enviromental factor to consider. By going with a reclaimed product you are reducing the needless production of new materials and more emissions being created. A reclaimed brick is something old that is being repurposed and given a new lease of life. What was once a brick in an old victorian cotton mill may tomorrow be a kitchen feature wall in your home.

If it’s a reclaimed look you want for your project it makes sense to go for original reclaimed bricks. Why not order one of our sample packs to see the quality of our brick slips for yourself.

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