You say Brick Slip, I say Brick Tile???

You say Brick Slip, I say Brick Tile???

Brick slips, brick tiles, brick veneers, slim bricks. These are just a few of the names that brick slips go by.

They basically all mean the same thing. A tile that is cut (normally to a thickness of 20mm) from an original brick to acheive the look of an exposed brick wall.

When we set up our company over ten years ago, the term ‘brick slips’ was just industry jargon used by people in the brick business. We therefore took the decision to call our company Reclaimed Brick-Tile and market our products as tiles made from bricks. Simple!

As the popularity of brick slips has exploded over the last decade, the term brick slips is now common knowledge both with designers and end users alike.

So when you hear brick slips, brick tiles, slim bricks, you now know that they are all the same product. The quality may vary from different suppliers. Some are made from original bricks where as others can be moulded to look like bricks. You can always be sure that our brick slips are made from the best quality original bricks and are cut here in our UK based factory. We are proud to have a product that is Made in Britain and providing a range of brick slips that are in high demand both here in Great Britain and around the world.

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